ISEC 2005

Inclusive and Supportive Education Congress
International Special Education Conference
Inclusion: Celebrating Diversity?

1st - 4th August 2005. Glasgow, Scotland

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Index to ISEC 2005 Presentations

Listed by lead author, presenter or symposium convenor - 'M'

Maciel Silva Carmen Helping Children with Disabilities Learn at Home with Computers
Manalo Emmanuel Learning Support To Complement Inclusion: The Roles Of A Learning Centre In Managing The Needs Of University Students With Specific Learning Disabilities
Marques Luciano The Pedagogy and Psychology Courses of the FIHE/MG: Conceptions about Inclusion
Martin Don

No Child Left Behind: Best Practices In An Urban Setting (.ppt)

Martin Suzanne Building Teacher Capacity through Partnerships with Families and School Districts: Improving Teacher Quality
Marwick Helen The SHARE Innovation: Sharing expertise in supporting young children with autism
Marwick Helen Joint-imaginative play with ‘representational others’ in pre-school children with autism
Matale Julia The Education Of Children With Visual Impairment In Botswana: Are We Moving Towards Inclusion?
Mavrou Katerina On the way to inclusion: the case of Cyprus (.doc)
McClusky Gillean DRAFT WITH ALI
McCollum Jeanette Feasibility and Validity of a Parent-Child Group Model
McGhie-Richmond Donna The Acquisition of Effective Instructional Practices for Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Classrooms
Mcilroy Guy Embodied Ontology Model: A Way Forward
Messiou Kyriaki Conceptualising Marginalisation through Children’s Voices: Implications for Inclusive Education
Miles Susie Inclusive networking: the example of the Enabling Education Network
Miller Kevin Using Electronic Performance Support Systems for Students in Inclusive Settings
Miller Stephanie The Relationship between Music and Dyslexia: Its Implication for the Remediation of Dyslexia (.doc)
Mitchem Katherine Teacher Problem Solving Skills: Multiple Ways of Teaching and Learning Using Case-based Instruction (.doc)
Mokome Jonas To Achieve “Education For All” Society
Monteiro Maria Brazil: Some Examples Of Inclusion In Mainstream Schooling
Moore Sheri
Morewood Gareth Analysing the Wider Effectivenress of our UniqueCounsellor and Therapist Service (.doc)
Morgado José A Model Of Differentiated Classroom Management – The Classroom And The School As An Inclusive Community
Morrison William Teacher attitudes toward gifted students and students with emotional/behavior disabilities
Motti Telma Attention to hearing impaired children at a specialized center in Brazil, aiming at their social and educational inclusion
Motti Telma Understanding and following guidance of a specialized team for parents of hearing impaired children
Mumba Paul Promoting international dialogue on inclusive education
Myles Brenda The Cycle of Tantrums, Rage, and Meltdowns in Children and Youth with Asperger Syndrome, High-Functioning Autism, and Related Disabilities


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