ISEC 2005

Inclusive and Supportive Education Congress
International Special Education Conference
Inclusion: Celebrating Diversity?

1st - 4th August 2005. Glasgow, Scotland

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Index to ISEC 2005 Presentations

Listed by lead author, presenter or symposium convenor - 'H'

Hadjikakou Kika Deaf children with additional disabilities in Cyprus
Hadjiyiannakou Anastasia Dilemmas of every day practice of inclusion in Cyprus: through the perspective of a practitioner
Hagan Linda Tak Yer Beuks an’ Gae Lairn: Celebrating Diversity in Practice
Hameed Abdul Inclusive Education in South Asia
Harcombe Elaine A Cognitive Approach To Literacy Instruction (CATLI): A Method That Facilitates The Accommodation Of Diversity In Inclusive Classrooms
Harcombe Elaine Doing the CATLI Practically
Hargrave-Wright Joyce Should we not consider dyslexia as an ’effective difference’, rather than an ‘affective disability.’
Hay Johnnie South African inclusive education policy – celebrating human rights?
Hayes Mary Comparison of Diverse and Nondiverse Preservice Teachers’ Attitudes Toward the Inclusion of Students with Disabilities
Hayes Mary Global Attitudinal Perspectives Toward Inclusion
Hayward Louise From Legislation to Policy and Practice (.doc)
Hayward Louise Growing Policy, Practice and Research: is inclusive synergy possible?
Hemmeter Mary Supporting Emergent Literacy: A Collaborative, On-Site Teacher Education Approach
Hennessey Mary Surveying the Employment Concerns of College and University Students with Disabilities: A Participatory Action Research Approach (.doc)
Higgins Kyle Evaluating Software for Use by Students with Disabilities to Foster Inclusion in General Education
Hobbs Tim An analysis of barriers and opportunities in an independent state of the former Soviet Union
Holdsworth Janet From unconscious to conscious inclusion: Meeting special education needs in West China
Hollingsead Candice Learning within Cases: A Comparison of Preservice and Practicing Teachers in General and Special Education
Hope-Rowe G Student teachers and cultural diversity in an Australian regional university
Hutchins Margaret So Now They Have a Job But Do They Have a Life? - Exploring How Individuals with Significant Disabilities Use Their Leisure Time


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