ISEC 2005

Inclusive and Supportive Education Congress
International Special Education Conference
Inclusion: Celebrating Diversity?

1st - 4th August 2005. Glasgow, Scotland

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Index to ISEC 2005 Presentations

Listed by lead author, presenter or symposium convenor - 'F'

Fallon Maggie Staged Intervention Using the Framework For Intervention Model: Development and Impact in East Ayrshire
Farrel Peter The Relationship Between Inclusion and Pupil Achievement In English Schools
Ferko Doreen Koreans’ Perceptions of Individuals with Disabilities: Implications for Serving Korean Students
Ferreira Windyz Symposium: Promoting international dialogue on inclusive education
Ferreira Windyz Reflecting on the role of consultants in the field of Inclusive Education: lessons from the South
Ferreira Windyz Planning and teaching curricular content by using inclusive strategies
Feyerer Ewald Inclusive and Supportive Education Congress 2005 Towards an Inclusive Masters’ Curriculum in Europe
Filipic Dolnicar Anamarija Child Play Under Two as a Basis for Learning Speach and Language
Fishbaugh Mary SE The American Council on Rural Special Education (ACRES): Organizing at the Grass Roots
Fitzgerald Gail Enhancing Case-based Learning Using Online Discussion Groups: Diversity of Practice
Flavell Liz

Developing Sustainable Trans-Disciplinary Working Practices that Facilitate Successful Inclusion of Pupils with Complex Learning Difficulties between Physiotherapists and Educationalists

Fletcher Todd From Mexico to Chile: Assessing The Advancement of Inclusive Education Practices in Two Latin American Republics
Foreman Phil Alertness levels and communication involvement in students with the most severe and multiple disabilities in Australian classrooms: Effects of short teacher training programs


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