ISEC 2005

Inclusive and Supportive Education Congress
International Special Education Conference
Inclusion: Celebrating Diversity?

1st - 4th August 2005. Glasgow, Scotland

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Index to ISEC 2005 Presentations

Listed by lead author, presenter or symposium convenor - 'B'

Baltzer Kirsten Developing Inclusive School Cultures in Denmark
Barrett Bettie PDAs - The Culture of Our Children
Barros de Almeida Dulce A study of the school inclusion proposal regarding Goias's state network, in the municipal district of Goiania, Brazil - An education public policy
Barry Mary Designing Educational Software to suit the Strengths of the Learner who is Autistic
Batista Cecilia G. Inclusive learning interactions: the design of educational materials for visually impaired children
Bauder Debora UDL Approaches to an Inclusive Education
Bayliss Phil ‘Peter, Katie and Billy: ‘including children with significant support needs’
Ben-Yehunda Miriam Using Discourse Analysis to Investigate Arithmetical Thinking Processes of Students With Learning Difficulties In Inclusive classes
Ben-Yehunda Simcha Teachers’ Pedagogic Orientation and Attitudinal and Personal Attributes Related to Their Success in Integrating Students with Special Needs into Their Regular-Education Classes
Berzin Christine Disability and integration in France: a study in Picardy
Bibby Claire Beyond Inclusion: Making every school special
Birnbaum Barry Training Special Education Teachers To Work In Inclusive Environments
Boban Ines Working with the Index for Inclusion in a Segregated School System - Experiences in Germany
Boutskou Evangelia Special education teachers in Greece: the loneliness and ambiguity of a profession
Bracher David Pupil Exclusion from School: An Organisational Perspective
Brownell Mary The Quality of Instruction in Inclusive and Special Education Classrooms
Brownell Mary Defining and Assessing the Quality of Beginning Special Education Teachers: First Steps, Conclusions Drawn, and Challenges Encountered
Buffa Benjamin The experience of the educational center for the hearing impaired individual, in Bauru/SP/Brazil
Buffa Benjamin Inclusion of the hearing impaired child in regular teaching: a point of view of the common class teacher
Bunch Gary Crucial terms for inclusion and special education: confusion in education for learners with disabilities
Butera Gretchen Special Educators and Family Dynamics: Perspectives and Curriculum Influence on Viewpoints
Byrne Bronagh Equality and Inclusion: Overcoming barriers to Further and Higher education for young people with sensory impairments in Northern Ireland


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