ISEC 2005

Inclusive and Supportive Education Congress
International Special Education Conference
Inclusion: Celebrating Diversity?

1st - 4th August 2005. Glasgow, Scotland

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Index to ISEC 2005 Presentations

Listed by lead author, presenter or symposium convenor - 'A'

Adams Alyson Accommodations for Diverse Learners: Conceptualizations and Actions of Elementary Interns Prepared in a Unified Teacher Education Program
Ahuja Anupam Promoting international dialogue on inclusive education
Ainscow Mel From special education to effective schools for all
Ainscow Mel Using visual images to make sense of inclusive education: an interactive symposium based on experiences in five countries
Almeida Maria A. In Service Training in Special Education in Brazil on Teaching and Investigation
Almog Orit Teachers’ Democratic and Efficacy Beliefs and Styles of Coping with Behavioral Problems of Pupils with Special Needs
Amatangelo Judith S. A Quest for Productive Management - Providing our Utmost to Open the Doors for Their Success to Emerge: Living Life as a Catalyst for Change
Anderson Carolyn Early communication strategies: using video analysis to support teachers working with preverbal pupils
Armstrong Derrick Voice, Rituals and Transitions: What is Inclusive Education Really About?
Arnaiz Pilar Effective classroom practice in secondary education in Spain
Arnaiz Pilar Ethnic minorities in Spain: Teacher, parent, and student beliefs and educational performance in multi-cultural schools
Asikainen Terhi Brief Encounters – Kohtaamisia. Animation Project at Meri-Rastila Primary School
Assarson Inger Teachers’ sense making and construction of meaning in education for plurality
Avoke Mowutor Curriculum trends and practices in two Special Schools for Children with Learning Difficulties in Ghana
Avramidis Elias Developing inclusive schools: changing teachers’ attitudes and practices through critical professional development

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